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iPhone, iPad, and Android Apps

The revolutionary Ticket-line App for iPhone, iPad and Android mobile and tablet devices is now available to all Ticket-line customers. The App has been developed natively onto the respective platforms, this enables us to utilise the familiar parts of each platform and make using the App simple and intuitive. The App allows customers to log in and easily complete secure ticket purchases.

Zero Cost Solutions

Zero cost solutions

If your Box Office operation costs your business more than AED 0.00, you are paying too much. Ticket-line provide all aspects of a client's needs at no cost.

If you would like to talk about the savings you could make by implementing the Ticket-line Box Office Software, please email our sales team to arrange a conversation.

Featured Client

Band on The Wall - Featured Venue

After a £4 million revamp Manchester's prestigious Band on the Wall has reopened to critical acclaim. As part of the restructure the venue needed a partner to provide payment processing, secure ticket production and despatch capabilities.